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I lived opposite the iconic Burj Khalifa building when I worked in Dubai, and aspire to such great heights as a writer. We all have dreams and dreams can come true.

This week, my top earning stories are:-

My Extraordinary Experience with a Fortune Teller — an intriguing and touching…


What did the girl on the beach think about all day long?

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Mai had wanted to travel for as long as she could remember. Her tutor was always trying to get her to concentrate instead of daydreaming the whole time.

Collecting shells along the tropical beach where she lived was…


Free verse — surviving an abusive relationship

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Dam-busted waves, a tsunami crashing through my life
Tossing me like a cork on white water, bobbing and buffeting
Sinking in a maelstrom of sadness, slicing my innards
To pulp, grinding me away to nothingness; I am invisible
The way he makes me…

There is nothing to it

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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway

Or in my case, a laptop — same thing, I guess. A row of keys that I constantly tap at breakneck speed (being a touch-typist helps when…


Enjoying the last throes of summer

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Blackberry-laden gossamer-spun hedgerows shimmer in the morning light
Glistening in the late, weak sun-rays warming the last remnants of summer
Autumn unfurls; leaves bronzed, scarlet-yellow and gold, clinging to branches
Fluttering and skittering across fallen rose-hip pods scattered on hard asphalt
Mixed with rotting crab apples creating a collage of nature’s mantle
A magnificent…


An endearing tale of the bond between a mother & daughter

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When we lived in Saudi Arabia, my daughter and I used to enjoy our shopping trips to the atmospheric souks and glamorous shopping malls.

Despite the array of exotic wares on offer from expensive hand-knotted rugs to inexpensive, beautifully carved wooden boxes, some of our best finds were on tabletops…

Relationship Advice

And how hard should we fight to save a relationship?

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Remember those first heady days of falling in love when the world looked and felt such an exciting place, full of joy and wonder?

How many famous pairings over the years have we all thought were perfect when the couple appeared blissfully happy, but things were not what they seemed?


Free Verse

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I had the world at my feet, life spreading before me like an unfurled rug
Broken teeth and a smashed up face resulted from a car crash, aged just 17
My pretty, innocent and blemish-free face now littered with scars; marred
With pain, my brother died; in a flash he was gone forever…

I couldn’t live without it

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Are you super organized? Do you need to be on top of things? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you probably don’t need to read any further.

However, if, like me, you lead a busy life with lots going on, then this…

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My name is Rosy, and I was in an abusive relationship for over a decade.

The trouble was that I didn’t realize how deeply my ex-partner’s treatment of me was affecting my mental health. I had lost my identity — I was a puppet, and he pulled the strings.


Rosy Gee

Freelancer & Solopreneur. I write about relationships, mental health & wellbeing. Also fiction and poetry. Check out Rosy’s Ramblings at: rosygee.substack.com

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