Is urban farming the solution to continue feeding the world in the future?

The Culpeper reproduced with the permission of Urban Organic

London, like most cities across the world, is a hub of businesses meet restaurants meet politicians meet noise, traffic, and pollution. Buildings, travel networks (above and below ground), and bumper-to-bumper traffic produce a cacophony of ear-splitting sounds. Commuters scurry to their workplaces, tourists meander to museums and art galleries, and everybody flocks to cafés, bars, and restaurants.

I have always been fascinated with rooftops. When I lived in Dubai there were dozens of rooftop bars and restaurants scattered across the city offering spectacular views across the Jumeirah coastline. One of my favourites was at The One and Only Royal Mirage…

5 Things that Revolutionized my Writing Output

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I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. I also knew that it would be a tough gig to get noticed at.

I have been a member of Medium for two months and it has revolutionized my writing.

Here’s how.

Writing is something you can do pretty much anywhere, from firing up your laptop on a train to tapping out a novel on your desktop at home.

I wrote on the move with my laptop on my knees. Sometimes I did it in the lounge other times on the bed, but mostly, at a table in the conservatory…

7 Top Tips to Help Navigate Your Way Around

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As a newcomer to Medium, I have been blown away by the volume of skilled writers and the variety of topics that are on the platform.

I start with good intentions (after, of course, checking my stats and seeing how many cents I have racked up…) and am learning so much from some great aficionados who have track records in high earnings, being curated, writing regularly for publications, etc.

This is a whole new language but in my short time on here, I have picked up some incredibly useful and helpful information. Like how important publications are and how to…

The Lies and Deceit were Unforgivable

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I hear them most nights, the voices. When I am asleep. They are indistinct and muffled. It sounds like a radio broadcast of the shipping forecast.

At first, I got up to investigate. I listened at open windows to the front and rear of the house, but nothing. I could not trace the source of the voices. I could still hear them when I was walking around in the dead of night. At least I thought I could. I quizzed my husband the following morning but no, he had not heard anything.

It is a relief if I’m honest. To…

“Things are not always the way we want them to be, but we can learn to understand them”.

Wat Khunaram taken on the day of my visit. Photo credit: the Author

While honeymooning on the tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand two years ago, I discovered Wat Khunaram in a secluded village just outside the resort where we were staying.

In 1973, Loung Pordaeng, a Thai Buddhist monk, passed away while sitting peacefully in meditation. He is said to have told his followers shortly before his death that if his body were to decompose he should be cremated, but if not, then he wanted to be put on display…

A short story

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Angus side-stepped some brambles over-hanging the footpath which ran alongside the railway track. It was late spring and his mind was a jumble of divorce petition statements, financial outgoings, and worrying whether his wife would take him to the cleaners and ruin his successful estate agency business.

Laura had told him often that she would ruin him and the more she said it, the more determined Angus was to stop her. Seventeen years of marriage and three children later and it had finally come to this.

One minute they were all loved-up and couldn’t keep their hands off each other…

And here’s the proof

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A dull Wednesday morning in England and it’s raining. I am working at my desk when a notification pings in from Medium.

Justin Bieber started following you.

At first, I thought it was a joke or somebody using his pic on their profile. But no, I wasn’t mistaken. I followed him back (why wouldn’t you?!) and listened to his music video and left a comment. Again, why wouldn’t you?!

At the time I followed him back, he had 23 followers. I wonder how long it will take him to get another 700 followers to equal my following, which incidentally, has…

A Short Story

Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

The wise old jeweler scrutinized the sapphire and diamond ring through his loupe eye-glass, twisting it this way and that between his skilled fingertips. The soft grunting noises he made signaled neither good nor bad news. Mary waited patiently, clutching her shopping bag and shifting impatiently from one foot to another.

The old man behind the counter was examining her engagement ring. Bought in this very shop so many years ago when she and Bob had been young, carefree and head over heels in love. She remembered how eagerly Bob had taken the five and one pound notes from his…

Who cares? What used to be important isn’t any more

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Before lock-down, beauty treatments, visits to the hairdresser and regular visits to the nail bar were, for a lot of people, the norm, myself included.

I have always taken pride in my appearance but never to the point of it becoming an obsession. Spa treatments and manicures were a treat, well coiffured hair a necessity.

Those pouting, posing selfies of young women that litter social media make me cringe. The barbie doll image of painted-on eyebrows, full, plump lips and long, luscious tresses tumbling down to an over-sized, plumped-up backside have me reaching for the sick bag. …

A short story

Photo by Osama Elsayed on Unsplash

The arid, dusty floor of the tomb was soft beneath Laura’s canvas shoes.

After crawling through the tight passageway to the burial chamber and standing upright, she was surprised at how small the chamber was. She compared it to the size of her bedroom in their small, terraced house in London. All that was in the chamber was a stone sarcophagus.

“Wow! Mum, isn’t this fantastic?” her twelve-year-old gushed. Suki was studying Egyptology at school and had always wanted to visit the pyramids.

“Yes,” Laura responded dreamily, her head tilted back as she took in every aspect of the chamber…

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