I was totally unprepared for what happened

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Since March 2020, like most of the world, England has been in and out of lock-down for endless weeks upon end. The current lock-down has been in force since before Christmas and the Government has published a Spring 2021 Covid-19 response roadmap, which provides a four-step plan for gradually easing lock-down restrictions in the U.K.

Like most people, I am beginning to feel like a caged animal and cannot wait to break free from the chains of voluntary incarceration at home.

Today, I ventured out for the second time this week, the first was to do my weekly grocery shop…

5 Things that Revolutionized my Writing Output

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I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. I also knew that it would be a tough gig to get noticed at.

I have been a member of Medium for two months and it has revolutionized my writing.

Here’s how.

Writing is something you can do pretty much anywhere, from firing up your laptop on a train to tapping out a novel on your desktop at home.

I wrote on the move with my laptop on my knees. Sometimes I did it in the lounge other times on the bed, but mostly, at a table in the conservatory…

7 Top Tips to Help Navigate Your Way Around

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As a newcomer to Medium, I have been blown away by the volume of skilled writers and the variety of topics that are on the platform.

I start with good intentions (after, of course, checking my stats and seeing how many cents I have racked up…) and am learning so much from some great aficionados who have track records in high earnings, being curated, writing regularly for publications, etc.

This is a whole new language but in my short time on here, I have picked up some incredibly useful and helpful information. Like how important publications are and how to…

The Lies and Deceit were Unforgivable

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I hear them most nights, the voices. When I am asleep. They are indistinct and muffled. It sounds like a radio broadcast of the shipping forecast.

At first, I got up to investigate. I listened at open windows to the front and rear of the house, but nothing. I could not trace the source of the voices. I could still hear them when I was walking around in the dead of night. At least I thought I could. I quizzed my husband the following morning but no, he had not heard anything.

It is a relief if I’m honest. To…

“Things are not always the way we want them to be, but we can learn to understand them”.

Wat Khunaram taken on the day of my visit. Photo credit: the Author

While honeymooning on the tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand two years ago, I discovered Wat Khunaram in a secluded village just outside the resort where we were staying.

In 1973, Loung Pordaeng, a Thai Buddhist monk, passed away while sitting peacefully in meditation. He is said to have told his followers shortly before his death that if his body were to decompose he should be cremated, but if not, then he wanted to be put on display…

But you must promise not to laugh

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A couple of things happened to me this week that got me thinking.

The first was when the renewal of my membership for my tennis club all went through on my app with a few clicks but then, eight days later, I got a notification saying it had not gone through…what? So, had I paid or not? I had been to the club and played tennis. I hope I hadn’t played without being a member. A flurry of e-mails told me that my membership had not been renewed. Oh dear, I had better renew it then.

The next ‘incident’ was…

Who would have thought?

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I am a huge fan of mushrooms of all types and use them in my cooking several times a week. Not only are they tasty fungi, but they are a low calorie, nutritional boost to any dish and a definite favorite in our house.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that fungi are being used to create eco-friendly packaging, insulation and, wait for it, coffins.

The thought of compostable packaging fills me with joy. In the manufacturing process, molds are filled with agricultural waste which has been treated with mycelium (the root system of fungi).

“The molds are filled with…

Free Verse

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Sunshine yellow trumpets sway rhythmically beneath budding hedgerows
Pops of purple with orange saffron throats stand erect, mouths open
Feeding on mother nature’s warm, mossy soil as they drink in the watery sun
As spring bursts into life, splashing vibrant colors across earth’s pallid canvas

Chaffinches, blue tits, robins; star-bursts of pretty birds chirrup with joy
At the abundance of berries and seeds, rich pickings from nature’s larder
As they busy themselves nesting, preening and feasting, spring-cleaning
Preparing for parenthood; clutches of delicate, speckled eggs incubated

As landscapes erupt from dormant states bursting with life, with hope Magnolia blossoms candle-like…

Response Letter Contest

From the raccoon that lives in your basement

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Dear Bev

Thanks ever so much for letting me live in your basement rent-free — you said yourself:

I once had a rental property that I let someone live in free of charge for six months because I didn’t have the heart to kick them out.

So, no hard feelings, eh? And yes, you were right, real estate has gone through the roof and it just wears me down, so when I saw your basement going spare, I thought why not?

I watch you sometimes, like when you stuffed that plastic utility bucket into my front door (I cannot tell…

Short Story

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Miranda watched proudly as her seven-year-old daughter, Kitty, rummaged among the bushes in search of an Easter egg that she had hidden earlier for the hunt. Kitty’s twin cousins, Lily and Leo, were scampering around the garden searching for the other eggs.

It was a warm, spring day in Brighton, the coastal town in the south of England, and Miranda hugged herself as she watched the children darting around in their hunt for the hidden treasures.

“Tea?” Bev stepped out onto the patio through the bi-fold doors which led into Miranda’s amazing kitchen. …

Rosy Gee

Freelance Legal Transcriptionist | Writer | Fast Car Driver | Wine Lover | Walker | Tennis Player | Lover of Life

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