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The Burj Khalifa in Dubai took five years to build, is over half a mile high and is the tallest building in the world. I aspire to such great heights, as can be seen from my cheeky response to this challenge from The Shortform!

Here are my top 4 earning stories, in order of popularity, and although the top three have remained the same, there was a surprising contender for 4th place:

Double Trouble — a short story set in Saudi Arabia

Break Free and Take the Plunge — advice on breaking free from a relationship, which is taking off!

It’s never too late to learn a new hobby

When a friend of mine suggested going along to a golf taster session, I thought this was a game for retired folks.

Where would I get the time? I was in two minds whether to go along, but I did.

First, the ladies were really friendly and made us feel very welcome. We chatted in the sumptuous surroundings of the newly refurbished golf club that was overlooking the greens, fairways, and splendid English countryside beyond.

Having bonded with two newbie golfers, we headed out to the putting green. A young professional…

I have and here’s what happened

It was the end of my career as I once knew it.

Is it really worth all the effort?

I have always been a conscientious employee and will go the extra mile. It’s just the way that I am.

From the beginning, when I started my career as a young, fresh-faced office worker, happy to help and tackle situations head-on, I have always been a grafter.

I knuckled down and worked hard, giving it 100%. Some may argue that this type of behaviour isn’t necessarily the best. It has never garnered me anything more than always being in gainful employment and good references when I have moved…

Flash fiction

In the searing desert heat and cloying humidity of a July day in Jeddah, Princess Amaal refused to walk the few steps to the waiting, air-conditioned Lexus. Instead, she made her driver reverse into the triple garage, close the door and wait for her. When she deigned to appear, Younis, wearing a white thobe and ghutra, leapt out from behind the wheel and quickly opened the back door of the car and clicked it shut as soon as she was inside. She was covered from head to toe in black, apart from the gold braid, which trimmed her expensive abaya…

Rosy Gee hits the big time.

Rosy Gee, author of How to Break a Woman, was still reeling at the shock of her amazing success.

Winner of the Best New Novel from an Unpublished Author Award, Rosy confided that she had worked tirelessly to complete the manuscript on time.

A. Mister from Mister’s Literary Agency picked up the synopsis and first three chapters of her novel from the slush pile. His assistant, Miss A. Reader, had put the e-file in her ‘possibles’ folder. …


If only Cal had talked to me…

Mom has another new boyfriend.

It seems that since Dad left she’s never been happy. Sometimes I go outside and wander the neighborhood for something to do. I don’t think she misses me. My older sister, Cal, is hardly ever at home. I always envied Cal. She was a free spirit, not a care in the world. I miss her.

I’ll never forget the day she left. She was stuffing her rucksack with another pair of hotpants that she couldn’t possibly live without or a tiny cheesecloth shirt, and was so happy and excited. Like she had her whole life…

Helping you to find your way around the maze of one relationship ending and a new one beginning.

After my twenty-three year marriage ended, I was in a daze. Like most divorces, mine was traumatic.

Some days you are as high as a kite on the first flushes of freedom and the next, down in the depths of despair as yet another lawyer’s letter lands on your doormat.

Be prepared for the onslaught

The seemingly never-ending round of legalese letters, forms, and court appearances (if it gets that far) all take their toll. Trying to unravel twenty-three years of a combined life is never easy. …

And how you can get into the top tier of writers by following these simple steps

WARNING: There will be no screenshots of my earnings on Medium, so if that’s what floats your boat, you’re going to be disappointed.

What I am going to do is try to lead you through the maze of Medium and how I found what works for me.

I only discovered Medium in January of 2021, just six months ago. If anybody had told me then that I would receive a bonus for being among the top 1,501–2,000 tier of writers on the platform, I would never have believed them.

Connect with your fellow writers

Interacting with other writers on the platform is key — highlighting…

And here is what I discovered that can help you in your relationships

If there is one piece of advice that I could give to anybody, it would be this:

Think very carefully before you completely trust a partner in a new relationship.

I was targeted by a passive-aggressive narcissist and I never knew it.

I was completely unaware of my ex-partner’s (who I will now refer to as ‘it’) intentions and giddy with excitement about starting afresh following a divorce.

This new relationship seemed different.

It was kind and generous, bombarding me with gifts, wining and dining me at expensive restaurants. …

Villanelle Form

Do not hurt me, I am too weak
My captor’s vengeance sickly and vile
Smashed by your heartless fist beating my soul

Robotic days turn into restless nights
Suffocation seeps through my soul
Do not hurt me, I am too weak

Anger, rage, and bloody torment
Fight against the blinding light
Smashed by your heartless fist beating my soul

Callous, spiteful hurt inflicted daily
My mummified shell once full and voluptuous
Do not hurt me, I am too weak

Slay me and be done with all the suffering
Or let me free to escape your bloodied hands
Smashed by your heartless fist…

Rosy Gee

Freelancer & Solopreneur. I write about relationships, mental health & wellbeing. Also fiction and poetry. Check out Rosy’s Ramblings at: rosygee.substack.com

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