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Rosy Gee
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I was born in West Sussex, England, and moved to the beautiful Surrey countryside when I was eight, where I grew up on a smallholding and helped milk goats, tend to pigs, look after horses and run a small market gardening business.

My family moved to Wales when I was a teenager and we lived on a farm tending sheep, cows, goats, pigs and chickens. I was a bit of a tomboy and would disappear for hours on end climbing trees, building camps and pony trekking in the beautiful Welsh hills.

I got married in my early twenties, had a child and moved to Saudi Arabia with my husband and young daughter, where we stayed for eleven years, eventually returning to the UK. I got divorced after 23 years of marriage and now live in rural Shropshire with my second husband.

My work on Medium falls into five main categories: relationships, short stories, writing, self-improvement and poetry, so if you have a favorite category, you can jump straight to the good stuff. You can also listen to the stories too.

Relationship Advice

11 stories
Young woman wearing shots and a summer top walking alongside a young guy in an orange tee shirt and shorts but the image is full of tiny holes, like they’re not real

A Fictional Retreat

19 stories
A small wooden boat upside down on a shingle beach with the sea in the background.

Poems to get lost in

35 stories

Writing Tips

6 stories
A round wooden board containing 8 cups of coffee ranging in shade from white through to black



Rosy Gee

An author working hard towards becoming a full-time novelist. You can find out more here: http://rosygee.substack.com