(Updated weekly: 16th June 2021)

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  1. Break Free and Take the Plunge
  2. Is a Narcissist Capable of Loving Anybody but Themselves?
  3. Double Trouble — a short story set in Saudi Arabia
  4. Do You Get Lost on Medium — Or is it Just Me?

But who the heck was Larry? 9 weird & wonderful expressions explained

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  1. Spill the beans
  2. Bob’s your uncle
  3. Let your hair down
  4. Caught red-handed
  5. Break the ice
  6. Rub someone up the wrong way
  7. Bite the bullet
  8. Butter someone…

Travel. England. British Isles.

Tranquil, beautiful, and revitalizing.

Image credit: Broads National Park

Was Adnan really who he said he was?

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Acrostic poem

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Life is too short

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The hardest part is making the decision to leave

I did - and here’s what happened

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Rosy Gee

I write about relationships, mental health & wellbeing with some fiction and poetry. Come take a peek at England through Rosy’s Ramblings: rosygee.substack.com

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